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Get Free Holiday CD with every order from Rock-it Radio


In the past you have bought a vintage radio broadcast from us or a member of our
listeners club.  And we want to share with you our latest deals and what we offer here
at Rock-it Radio.  In the past year we haven't until now started producing and restoring old broadcasts from back when radio was really radio!  From the 50s thru the 70s we have 100s of vintage radio broadcasts of Rock, Country, and even European 60s Pirate Radio offshore broadcasts. 

We sell these broadcasts either in our Ebay store.

Or in the Rock-it Radio Launching Pad site online:

Or by mail order thru our catalog, or e mail request where we can send a
non obligatory paypal invoice that is excellent especially for overseas orders for
currency conversion and convenience.  All of our broadcasts are guaranteed if not completely satisfied we will gladly refund, exchange or replace any broadcast simply e mail us at: or call (208) 277-7941 and leave a message and we will get back with you.

Rock-it Cat

Rock-it Radio is a radio station keeping alive the music of the first decade of rock and roll since 1995 at:  The restoration and sales of these broadcasts pay for 85% of our expenses every year to keep us running.  It is our hope that you can perhaps assist us in our endeavor to keep our programming going as we enter our 20th year in 2015!  Also, to help save and restore the 100s of tapes that still remain in our archives of vintage radio shows that we hope to continue to release in this historic project and keep the memory of Top 40 radio alive. 

Our shows are taken from the original taped shows and remastered onto CD for modern day convenience.  Below is a bit of what we are about.  We also hope that you will tune in and enjoy our programming and maybe if you haven't yet join our Free Listeners Club at Rock-it Radio.  Details are in our website. 

Rock-it Radio Launching Pad back to producing and recovering and restoring vintage rock radio shows from the 50s thru the 70s.

After moving from our former studios in Ventura, California to now in Idaho we have not produced any new vintage rock and roll, pirate or country radio shows from the 50s to the 70s and remastering them on CD.  But we are back producing now, with new releases and we have a special Holiday deal for those that buy one of our vintage radio shows on CD before December 21st.  And we will get to that in a little bit.

  Rock-it Cat

Receive a Free 1967 Christmas Eve Radio Broadcast with every order  from December 1st to December 21st.

NOTE: FREE GIVE AWAY FROM DECEMBER 1ST TO DECEMBER 21ST 2014 -- With every order from the Rock-it Radio Launching pad store at 

- We will be giving away a vintage 1967 Christmas Eve Radio Broadcast for you for
the Holidays with every order.
To view the free CD of our giveaway go to


It has been over a year since we have put on a new broadcast in the Rock-it Radio Radio
Launching Pad. Where we sell those vintage rock and roll radio shows from the 50s to the 70s. Here is our latest releases this week with more to come at:   

We have added another two new vintage rock and roll shows this week on Rock-it Radio.
They are all remastered and placed on CD. And Uncut and Unedited just like you would of heard these shows back then.

1. NEW! RIR #636 Pt. of Rosko Mercer at KDIA Oakland, California from 12/28/1963
     Begins where RIR #635 left off.  

2. NEW! RIR #637 - Leon Keyes - KLAK - Denver Colorado - Traditional Country
   Station with great country music! From 4/29/1965

And Don't forget last week's new releases as well!
  1. Wolfman Jack - WBJW Orlando, Florida from 5/10/1978

     2. RIR #634 - Mad Daddy Pete Myers from July 1964 over WINS 1010 AM in
         New York City.

       3. RIR #635 - Rosko Mercer Pt. 1 over KDIA Oakland, Calif. From 12/28/1963

We do have 100s of vintage rock radio shows from remastered onto Compact Disc you can see the listing in the Rock-it Radio Launching Pad at:


Rock-it Radio sustains itself by sale of these vintage radio broadcasts
We offer for sale here in the Rock-it Radio Launching Pad site and also
In our ebay store.  We currently have a great selection of vintage Christmas
Radio broadcasts filled with Christmas Songs - Greetings and Great DJ's.
Here are a listing of a few.

1. Christmas Eve Broadcast of WCFL Chicago from 1967 Hour #1

2. Christmas Eve Broadcast of WCFL Chicago from 1967 Hour #2

3. Christmas Eve Broadcast over WCFL Chicago from 1967 Hour #3

4. Christmas Eve Broadcast over WCFL Chicago from 1967 Hour #4

5. Christmas Eve Broadcast up to Midnight on WCFL Chicago from 1967 Hour #5

6. DJ Barney Pip Christmas Eve Special Broadcast over WCFL Chicago from

7.  DJ Jim Runyon - WCFL Christmas Eve Show from 11 p.m. to Midnight from 12/24/1965 Wonderful World of Christmas Broadcast. 

Each Link will give you the playlist of each show.  If you don't have e bay and would
Still like to order one or more of these special Nostalgic Christmas shows you can e mail
Me at: and we will gladly e mail you a non obligatory invoice where you can Pay by paypal if you like.   


Every order that we receive will receive our catalog listing all the vintage radio broadcasts we have for sale.  And an order form to order by mail.   Along with a discount coupon to your next order. 
Rock-it Radio has it's own Facebook page focusing on the latest releases and deals of our vintage radio broadcasts - You can check it out at:

In many aspects it's true.  Up until 1967 the BBC controlled the programming and airwaves of what the British Teens could listen to over the radio.  And had very limited programming to pop and rock music.  Their was no commercial radio play the hits of the day.  Until 1964 when Offshore pirate radio ships docked just off the coast in international waters.  The most famous Radio Caroline along with others by names like Swinging Radio England and Radio London played commercial radio and rock and roll 24 hours a day.  It was a very romantic time for radio.  And we have a website dedicated to those days here at Rock-it Radio along with links to some of these actual radio broadcasts that are a great fun listen at:
                                                 WOLFMAN JACK!

Rock-it Radio is blessed to have some radio broadcasts of one of America's most beloved DJ's -- Wolfman Jack!  And a few more that will be released in the next couple of days.  These shows feature all the wit and humor of a great dj and man -- Wolfman Jack.  We invite you to check out our Wolfman Jack webpage at:


Besides keeping us going and our restoration projects of these broadcasts we sincerely hope that if you haven't yet - come check out our little station here of Rock-it Radio.  And tune in and enjoy the music we provide, at: And our archived program page of our 30 latest programs at:
   We have some great Christmas Holiday shows on there right now. 

If you see a Rock-it Radio program and think you might want that show on CD the shows are just $9.50 each.  And also keeps Rock-it Radio online and restoring, easy to order information is in our order website at:
Also, Rock-it Radio has their own line of T shirts.  Each one designed by Jammin' Jan here at Rock-it Radio and we have added 4 new designs in recent months at:

LAST 30 DAYS ENDING 12/2/2014

As you know the Rock-it Radio Store sells vintage Radio Broadcasts -
Where you hear the actual music, news and vintage advertisements -
uncut and unedited just like you would of heard it back then.
Here are the top sellers this week.

1. RIR #127 -- Alan Freed 1956 Rock & Roll Dance Party show
2. RIR #393 -- John Lennon as DJ on WNEW New York from 1974
3. RIR #176 -- Porky Chedwick WAMO Pittsburgh 6/14/1960
4. RIR #181 -- Wolfman Jack XERB Rosarito Mexico 12/8/1967
5. RIR #567 -- Kenny & Cash Show Capital Radio London w/ Paul & Linda McCarthy    1973
6. RIR #168 -- Dan Ingram WABC New York 7/22/1967
7. RIR #267 - Arnie Woo Woo Ginsburg WMEX Boston 12/12/1965
8. RIR #539 - Cousin Brucie WABC 9/7/1965
9. RIR #205 -- Porky Chedwick WAMO Pittsburgh 6/16/1960
10. RIR #359 - Gus Gossert's Oldies show WPIX New York Feb. 1971

In closing in this special newsletter - All of the staff at Rock-it Radio would like to wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays.  And hope that you will be able to spend the Season with the those that you love.  And I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you to allow me to continue to present these shows and experience some of the greatest DJs and our Rock-it Family up here for so many years!  It has been the highlight of my life to help keep the greatest music in the world alive! 

With warmest regards!

Bennie Dingo
Rock-it Radio
Ebay ID:  Rockitradionet (formerly Rockabillydj)
Twitter:  @Rockitradio1

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