Tuesday, March 29, 2016

SOS - Save our Station and Get a FREE CD

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Rock-It Radio
Hello Everyone,

For those of you remember back last November we wrote to you calling a
S.O.S. (Save our Station) as our reserves to run Rock-it Radio was drying
up.  Rock-it Radio Listener's came through and we have remained online.
Unfortunately, March has been it appears going to be our worse month ever.
And as Rock-it Radio is publicly supported we are kindly asking to consider
purchasing one of our items once again.  Whether a Rock-it Radio Show or
Flashdrive of a set of 50 Rock-it Radio Shows or a vintage radio broadcast
from the 50s to the 70s.  We could really use some support to continue our
programming of roots Americana Rock And Roll.


For the past 2 months we have been giving away Free CD's with every order
as a way to say thank you for helping us remain online.  These shows are
special broadcasts made for you the supporters and will not be aired on
Rock-it Radio, by the Rock-it Radio DJ's.  In March we are featuring
Jack Van Oers and the Rockin' Windmill Show that features a lot of
Rockabilly Roots style music.  All orders up to March 31st will receive
that CD.

All of  April we are giving away Rockin' Daddy O's Produced Rock-it Radio show
of the greatest Rockin' Instrumentals of All Time.
3 New Re introductions of lost broadcasts

We are re listing 3 shows that have not been in our Ebay store for sometime.
But we thought we would re list them today.  Especially since today marks
the 50th anniversary of The Vietnam War, we have a special broadcast of
Pat Sajack (before the wheel of Fortune) when he was serving and DJing on
AFVN (Armed Forces Vietnam Network).   Serving and spinning Top 40 Songs
to Military serving in Vietnam.   Those that know the Movie with Robin Williams
"Good Morning Vietnam" - it's that station!  you can view the playlist of
that show at:

Also, come relive New Year's Eve 1967 with BBC Radio 1 Top Gear Show with
DJ John Peel.

John Peel was one of the most fascinating 60s DJ's in the UK!  Equivalent in
popularity to the United States Wolfman Jack.  He also introduced much of the
60s Psychadelic Rock to the UK.  In our catalog these shows are listed as
RIR #342 and RIR #343 you really get your monies worth because both items are
a 2 CD set!  Click to the link to see the playlists.

RIR #342 Disc #1 John Peel Top Gear Show BBC Radio 1

RIR #343 Part II of John Peel Top Gear Show BBC Radio 1

Sales of these items along with all items in our Launching Pad site of Rock-it
Radio go to supporting Rock-it Radio and pay for licensing and online and
broadcasting fees.  We thank you for your continued support.

You can help Rock-it Radio Stay online and receive a free Rock-it
Radio Show CD  by going and purchasing at the following Locations:

The Rock-it Radio Ebay Store:

Rock-it Radio Launching Pad:
(100s of Vintage 50s through 70s Rock Music Radio Programs)

Rock-it Radio Programs:
Either on CD or now on Flashdrive:

And finally the Rock-it Radio T Shirt Page:


If you would like a certain Rock-it Radio show or would just like to
order by Check or Credit Card in lieu of online.  We can send you a invoice
that you can either pay via paypal or send in a check or money order (sorry
U.S. Only on that)  by e mailing us what you would like to have and let
us know at: and we will gladly send you a invoice.

Every order received in the United States will receive our Catalog listing
all shows available along with a discount coupon for future purchases.
Overseas orders of 3 or more Shows will also receive our catalog with the
same offer.  The reason why it takes more for overseas as we actually loose
money sending the catalog overseas with a order unless 3 shows are ordered.

You can follow Rock-it Radio on Facebook for updates and new items at:

and on Twitter at:

Thank you and all the very best,

Bennie Dingo
Rock-it Radio
e mail:

Rock-it Radio LLC
Post Falls, Idaho USA  83854

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