Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nine New Rock-it Radio shows in the Launching Pad fully restored


Three new releases this week in the Rock-it Radio Launching
Pad.  They are RIR #617 to #625.  And here are the descriptions.

RIR #617 -- Arch Yancey Show from KNUZ in Houston, Texas from
6/14/1965.  Nearly an hour of Great Oldies.

RIR #618 -- Jay Reynolds - WIFE in Indianapolis, Indiana - our first release
from WIFE.  Show is from 8 August, 1968 - Top 40 format.

RIR #619 -- Ron Foster DJ for KILT in Houston, Texas from
12/29/1968 - more late 60s music and news from this popular Houston

RIR #620 -- Pat Holiday from CKLW - Windsor, Ontario the Big 8!
Station covered a great deal of the Great Lakes and targeted the audience
in Detroit.  From 4/15/1971

RIR #621 -- Bill Winters on CKLW in Windsor, Ontario from 8/29/1970
With more great music for a new decade in there Top 30 format.

RIR #622 -- DJ Johnny Morgan on CKLW in WIndsor, Ontario on
800 AM from 7/12/1967 - Rocking the Motor City!

RIR #623 -- DJ Big Jim Edwards on CKLW The morning show from
12/1/1969.  You have  to at least check out the cool pic. of this dj from
back then.

RIR #624 -- DJ Bob Green and the music of WKNR - "Keener" Radio from
Detroit.  From 3/30/1970.  Top 40s Format.

RIR #625 -- DJ Darrell Hendrix -- from KILE in Galveston, Texas. 
Our first restoration from this Galveston station from 6/13/1969 top
40 format station.


These listings can be viewed online.
In chronological order by State.

Or you can view them in order by date at:

Purchases of these rare rock radio broadcasts help keep Rock-it
Radio Online and broadcasting the oldies you just don't hear on
the radio anymore!

A big thank you to all those that purchase these broadcasts as it is our main source
of income to keep Rock-it Radio on the Air!  And another hearty thank you to all
the Rock-it Radio DJ's that have been helping out in this project of getting more
playlists out so that these shows can be released. 

Even if you are not a member of Ebay you can still purchase these items online. 
Simply go to our Launching Pad site at: 
And then you can read the description by clicking to the title of each show available. 
Then going back and if it's something you might like -- Just click to the add to
cart button.

All the vintage shows we offer  usually ship within 24 hours of receiving your order.
And we ask if you can  please help support Rock-it Radio. The Rock-it Radio Launching Pad
store provides the funds to pay all those copyright fees, internet bandwidth etc.
that it takes to run Rock-it Radio. And these vintage broadcasts do make wonderful
nostalgic gifts as well.

With these broadcasts you actually hear it as it was broadcast on that date.
With Great DJ personalities!, Actual vintage Ads and of course the songs as well. 
as they are uncut and unedited.

When you go to the Rock-it Store and click to each broadcast it will show you the playlist
of each broadcast. 100% of all purchases of the Rock-it Launching Pad goes back to
Rock-it Radio to help keeping the music alive and pay the bills that we must pay to
continue broadcasting. And their is more rare radio broadcasts that are unedited in the
Rock-it Store at:

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