Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rock-it Radio plea


Rock-it Radio is publicly supported and we rely on purchases from
our Launching Pad for us to pay our bills from copyright to bandwidth.
In October we had our 2nd  worse month in sales and
have run in the red with losses the last two months and November
has gotten to a slow start as well.
So many things are happening in the world from Hurricane Sandy
victims to a difficult economy and so much more, I feel guilty in
mentioning this. 
But if you have enjoyed Rock-it Radio this past year would you
please consider helping us exist?  We don't ask something for
nothing.  Every donation from the Rock-it Radio Launching pad
you will receive a vintage Rock and Roll broadcast of your choice
from the 50s thru the 70s and we have 100s to choose from.  
I know many of you save our shows on mp3 and we allow that
and glad that you can do that.   But we kindly ask for your support
as well.  These vintage shows also make great Holiday gifts to the
oldies lovers in your family.  Here are the links that help Rock-it

Launching Pad:  (Shows listed by State and Country)

Launching Pad:  (shows listed by Date)

To Order a Rock-it Radio Show:

A Rock-it Radio T shirt: 

Rock-it Radio Ebay Store:

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